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Reassessing iPhone Plans in British Columbia While You Wait for the Next iPhone

Although we are not even halfway through 2013, Apple has already experienced an 18 percent decline in sales, a slump that threatens to push back their new projects back by months. According to an article that appeared in The Toronto Star, some analysts expect the shipping of the new iPhone5S to be delayed to September instead of June. It is also expected that the next big product release from Apple will happen early next year, instead of the latter quarter of 2013.

If there is any silver lining around this dark cloud, it’s that opportunity Canadians now have to rethink their iPhone plans in BC, and elsewhere in the country. While you may have to wait a few more months for the iPhone 5S, and a bit longer for the next iPhone, this is a good opportunity for you to study your current cellphone plan and determine if it’s really the right one for you. Even if you have already signed up for one, you are always free to shift to a better cellphone plan.


One of the most important details you should look into before committing to a plan is how payment will be handled. You may be obliged to pay your bills online, in registered outlets, in banks, etc. However, some cellphone providers of the iPhone in British Columbia, like ProWireless, feature the great convenience of allowing a subscriber you to pay for his plan in the very store he bought the cellphone from.

You should also assess how the plan will charge you for using the phone. Before you go for a cellphone plan that offers “unlimited calls,” you must realize that this feature is likely to be only effective at certain times of the day. You have to read everything that the service provider has to say about their charges, determining you shalled be charged for text messages you receive, and for downloading apps not made by Apple.

The most important information you should look into is the terms of cancellation, since there’s a good chance you will be fined if you bail out of the contract earlier than agreed upon. This fine can amount to a few hundred dollars even if your reasons for doing so are understandable. While you’ll still need to read these specific terms yourself, you may want to consult with the plan’s service provider about the terms of cancellation.

Ultimately, different types of cellphone plans exist because individuals have specific needs and face unique circumstances. This also means that the provisions of each cellphone plan tend to vary from person to person; thus it is immensely important to read and assess every detail of a plan you’re entering into. If you’re waiting for the iPhone 5S or the next iPhone, you still have plenty of time to find the best iPhone plan for you.

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