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Phones & Plans

Phones & Plans

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We Have Your Phone !!!

Whether your preference is iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Blackberry or whatever, we’ve got your phone.

And, we know your phone… inside and out… so we can help you with it, no matter what your question, issue or concern may be.

Best Cell Phone Plans


Between Bell Mobility and Solo Mobile, we can set you up with a cell phone plan that suits your life, and that doesn’t give you shocking phone bills.

We insist on providing the most service and features for the lowest prices available.

“Where do I pay my cell phone bill?”

Have you ever tried to go back to the store where you bought your phone, and tried to pay your bill? It can’t be done. They refuse to take your money, telling you, “We don’t do that here.”

Well, at ProWireless, we do that here.

We are THE ONLY cell phone store in Western Canada where you can pay your Bell or Solo phone bill, right at the store.

“Let’s Talk Solutions!”

Pro Wireless

105 – 1110 Harvey Ave,
Kelowna, BC