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Obtaining Ideal iPhone Plans in BC for More Extensive Data Usage

In December 2012, LuAnn LaSalle of the Canadian Press reported in Huffingtonpost.ca that more Canadians now use their smartphones minimally for calls or texts. More Canadians now depend on their smartphones to surf the Internet, log onto apps or social networking sites, and even watch videos. In fact, telecom analyst Brahm Eiley states that a large part of the revenue obtained by Canada’s telecom companies, both big and small, are due to the surge in data use.

In the article, Eiley emphasizes that these increased habits of smartphone users to surf the Web and connect to social networks are not restricted to teenagers anymore; rather, Canadians of all ages are guilty of such habits. Since the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in Canada, it is ideal for British Columbia residents to obtain iPhone plans in BC that include data plans so they can connect to the Internet as frequently as they like.

A mobile phone data plan like the one offered by ProWireless allows Internet-ready phones like the iPhone to connect online, surf the Net, or watch videos through high-speed networks of carriers like Solo Mobile and Bell. These plans can be customized according to the user’s needs so he won’t accumulate high fees in calls and texts even when he mainly uses his iPhone to play games or surf the Web. This also minimizes the risk of “mobile bill shock,” or when a mobile phone subscriber receives his monthly bill and discovers that he owes a huge amount.

Just last March, CBC News reported on the case of a BC dad whose son racked up a whopping $22,000 worth of data charges during a family trip to Mexico, mainly for streaming videos, one of the most popular activities of smartphone users, as the article mentioned. The problem, however, stemmed mostly from the fact that the father was unaware of the difference in charges of video streaming between Canada and Mexico. This is something that can be avoided when buying an iPhone from a British Columbia retailer that has efficient customer service, such as ProWireless, that can clear up everything that has to do with charges.

In a related news story published in CBC News, only 6.1 percent of smartphone users access online retail or pay for transactions. LaSalle believes, however, that this figure will increase soon. Smartphones have had a great impact on the shopping habits of Canadian consumers already, as 37 percent now look up product information while inside a retail outlet.

These days when people use their smartphones to surf the Web more than to make a call or send a text message, it is easy to forget that data usage can greatly increase the bill. However, all is not lost as there are retailers who can set up a cell phone data plan that can fit one’s needs. This way, he can use the device similarly to how he’d use a computer without having to worry about mobile bill shock.

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