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Cell Phone Providers in BC Continue to Release Advanced Models Amidst Smartphone War

In the early part of 2013, BlackBerry was seen to recover from a trend of declining shipments over the previous five quarters with the new BlackBerry 10 models. However, in a news report by Matt Harley on the Financial Post, sales of the brand in the most recent quarter fell short of expectations, prompting a net loss and plummeting shares in Wall Street. The smartphone maker’s Q1 revenue was actually 15% higher than the previous quarter, but actual sales of BlackBerry smartphones turned out less than what analysts expected.

In Canada, where BlackBerry originated, the new BlackBerry 10 phones were met with much enthusiasm during their debut, when cell phone providers in BC, as well as in other parts of the country, started selling the new models around February this year. At that time, the BlackBerry Z10 model was considered the leading smartphone by retailers. However, the most recent figures on the brand’s Q1 earnings show that the initial excitement over the new models may not have been sustained worldwide during the rest of the quarter.

On the brighter side of the news, the brand’s revenue rose 30% in North America and 35% in the Asia-Pacific region in the latest quarter. BlackBerry chief executive Thorstein Heins expressed the company’s intentions to increase its investments to support the roll-out of the new models over the next three quarters. He said that the company focused its efforts on the new models’ global roll-out during the first quarter, in which it was able to establish itself as a leading player in the field of mobile computing.

In another report, analysts surveyed by Bloomberg had said that users faithful to BlackBerry’s keyboard feature may fuel sales of the brand, particularly its Q10 model, which has the trademark BlackBerry keyboard. Loyalty among Canadians may also have been the key to the brand’s strong performance during its debut in February. It was reported then that the Z10 received record orders during its launch in the Canadian market.

The continuing popularity of the smart cell phone in BC, as well as in other parts of Canada and the world, has made the smart phone business very competitive. Reputable phone providers such as ProWireless carry the most sought-after cell phone brands that include the iPhone, Samsung, and BlackBerry, and offer cell phone service plans that make ownership of these phones affordable for consumers. In many cases, the popularity and sales of handsets are boosted by these cell phone plans and the customer-targeted services of cell phone providers such as ProWireless.

As the smart phone war continues to rage, consumers can expect reliable cell phone providers to keep on bringing the latest models and the most economical plans from the giant cell phone manufacturers and wireless service carriers. Meanwhile, observers will surely follow BlackBerry’s continuing efforts to set itself up as a major player in the mobile computing market. Through all these, consumers can expect that the competition can only benefit them in the long run.

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